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This community is about comic culture, plain and simple. The entire comic book culture, not specifically limited to printed comics, but movies, toys, and all else you might find relevant.

Comic books are something I happen to feel very strongly about for personal reasons, so I intend to use this community to talk about not only comic book information, but also their effect on me and the world in general. I hope you do the same.

This is a community about both comic books and the reactions they inspire.


Because of a rash of spam posts by a certain LJer, the posting access of this community has been limited. When you join, you'll have to email me and ask for posting access. I'm trying to prevent this troll from coming back and causing more ruckus. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but I feel it was a necessary step.

We're a moderated membership. I'll let just about anybody in, if you apply. Except trolls. Man, I hate trolls.

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